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Customer Showcase

If you would like to send pictures of your setup and have it featured on our website, please send an email to listing which products of ours you are using in your setup as well as a short description of it. Don't forget to attach those pictures!

Jonathan's Home Theater
Ashburn, VA

I have two screens purchased from you: Focupix 114" Fixed Frame Screen, and Focupix 106" Electric Screen. They form a dual screen Constant Image Area (CIA) setup, allowing me to view materials of all shapes in full masking and balanced sizes. I use the Panasonic PT-AE4000u projector lens memories to automatically adjust settings based on aspect ratios. Your screens are perfect in presenting the great images the projector can throw. The electric drop down is quiet and provides a wow factor when I roll it down. Together with the 7.2 surround sound setup, they gave me a great home theater. Thanks for offering excellent products/services at such a bargain price.

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