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Clint DeBoer
Focupix is making some waves in the industry with these screens. They are priced way below the competition (most of whom don't start offering screens until you pass the $400 mark) and they are built very well... I'd recommend looking at the Flexio models which come with an IR option. RF is wonderful, but it doesn’t allow for interaction with a universal remote control system which uses IR emitters. I would highly recommend Focupix screens to anyone looking to grab an electric screen at an affordable price. I really have seen no other negatives worth mentioning - at least not at this price.

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  Focupix Flexio 16:9 Electric Projector Screen w/ Dual Remote - 103"
Richard Morse
Dear Customer Support, The package arrived on Thursday (12/31/09) as discussed. The screen went together beautifully and is performing at a level above my expectations. I must say that every dollar spent for the product and the shipping was well worth it. Thank you all for outstanding customer service. I will definitely be recommending your company to other potential screen buyers in the future.

  HDVio 8x2 HDMI and Optical Toslink Switcher V2 w/remote (Dual 4x1)
Robert Hatton
Kelowna, BC Canada
I bought this because I ran out of HDMI inputs on my Samsung Plasma and my AV receiver has Optical inputs only, no HDMI. The pre-purchase help received was outstanding and shipping concerns quickly put to rest. For the price, this kicks #ss, I am very happy with the build quality and visual looks as compared to some other HDMI/Optical switches out there. I now have my SHAW HDTV Box, PS3, LG Blu-Ray Player and an ASUS O!Play all connected and working flawlessly. I find no degradation of video signal at all. Tho the unit is equipped with a video equalizer if you are running long cable lengths and need to adjust the signal. All in all, a very nice unit to which I am extremely happy I purchased.

  Focupix Flexio 16:9 Electric Projector Screen w/ Dual Remote - 125" - Elegant White
I just ordered a brand new 125" diagonal White Matte Screen from these guys. I have been using the mounts from for a while. I will be pairing the screen with a BenQ w500 1100 lumen projector for a nice inexpensive theater. The sales rep was really nice on the phone and was very helpful. Based on Customer Service alone, I would recommend these guys to anyone. I worked as a contractor for Circuit City as a Firedog contractor for a half year and I was tired of seeing people get ripped off by buying overly priced mounts and screens. My eyes have been opened and I am very happy with these guys. I have been a professional installer for a little over a year and I have seen all screens from Stewart, Da-Lite, and Other places. For the price, these guys cannot be beat.

  Focupix HDVio 16:9 Widescreen Electric Motorized Projector Screen - 92"
rbastedo "Tech Whiz Dude"
Snoqualmie, Washington
I received my screen the other day, when I removed it from the packaging, it had good heft and felt like a solid piece of equipment. Everything that was supposed to be there was and it even came with mounting hardware. On to image quality - No gripes here! Looks great! It's got less gain than the screen it replaced, this is rated at 1.2 gain while the Gray screen I had before was 1.8 gain. Coolness factor: The family made appropriate ooh's & ahh's when they saw it travel down & up...I am happy with the way it operates, the appearance and the PQ I'm getting.

Update: Just thought I'd mention that after 19 months my screen is still PERFECT!!! Good product, good price and good support - hard to beat that combination!

  Focupix TablElf® Ultra Portable Multimedia Projector (Palm size,VGA) w/ built-in media player
Richmond, VA
Great item, quick learning curve does exactly whats described. please note i would only recommend this for very dark rooms

  Focupix Grey1.8 16:9 Electric Projector Screen - 103"
Peter Titus
Denver, CO
This Grey 1.8 looks like a high rez window in my living room!!!!! After years of selling, looking at and admiring Stewart, Da-Lite, Draper and others,......I'm so glad I waited until now to purchase a screen, because I'm picky as hell when it comes to audio & video and this screen is just amazing!!!!! The colors leap off the screen in HD on 480p material as well as 1080p and I couldn't be happier, purchase with confidence, by the way I almost got the super tension series screen, but my budget called for a more practical screen, but after seeing this, you'll wonder how the other companies got away with charging so much for their screens, the only true drawback of this screen is it doesn't have a trigger, but who really cares???!!!!! It comes with an IR & and RF remote!!!!!! Yes both!!!!!

  Focupix Electric / Motorized Projector Lift
Washington D.C.
For the price you cant beat it. Very well designed mount, very sturdy, does exactly what a lift has to do. A little time consuming to mount but they always are. I like the free mount included in this package. Everything is very very solid.

  HDVio 8x2 HDMI and Optical Toslink Switcher V2 w/remote (Dual 4x1)
Los Angeles, CA
I love it when I find an online retailer that really has their act together. HT Depot made it easy to order, they shipped within a few hours of my order being placed and I received my HDMI switcher within 24 hours. 5 star service, highly recommended.

  Focupix BriteG 16:9 Electric Projector Screen w/ Dual Remote - 125"
Chris MacFarlane
Cocoa, Florida
I recieved the BriteG 125" 16:9 Electric Screen in about 6 days to use with my Optoma HD70 projector. The screen was in perfect shape, no curling. It had a strong glue smell the first roll out, but diminished quickly after the 2nd day. Excellent price and great quality. Would have given 5 stars if the motor was a little quieter (However, I have not had a chance to compare the noise level to other screens). Overall, I am very satisfied and would buy from htdepot again.

  Focupix 16:9 Widescreen Fixed Frame High Contrast Grey Screen - 95"
Jeffrey Szlauko
Danville, CA
Just received the Focupix Fixed screen and threw it together, and I have to say, it is VERY nice... especially for something that cost just a bit over $200! The screen is a stretchy vinyl type of material that I thought couldn't possibly work, but once stretched onto the sturdy aluminum frame, it comes out perfect. I have to admit though that I have nothing to compare it to except for my hand-made painted piece of MDF board, but so far I am very pleased. There appears to be no "hot spots", and the screen has a nice clean, uniform image.

  Focupix 16:9 Widescreen Fixed Frame High Contrast Grey Screen - 105"
Upper Marlboro, MD
We could not be more satisfied with our purchase. For what the big box stores were going to charge us, the price at HD Depot could not be beat. The comments received from family and friends has been positive. HD Depot shipped the same day as ordered.

  HDVio 8x2 HDMI and Optical Toslink Switcher V2 w/remote (Dual 4x1)
Jeff P.
Dansbury, CT
Gives me complete control of my home theater for a reasonable price. When I needed service, they were right on top of it and got it back to me very quickly. I'm very pleased.

  HDVio 8x2 HDMI and Optical Toslink Switcher V2 w/remote (Dual 4x1)
David Ginn
Hanahan, SC
Works great!!! Fast Shipping!!! Highly recommended!!! Using with Samsung HLN-507W via HDMI - DVI cable. Optical audio to Onkyo receiver. Devices used: Apple TV firmware 2.3 running Boxee and XMBC Roku Netflix Streaming Box Off Brand DVD Player Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300 HD cable box @ Anonymous person from Iowa City To get your Apple TV to work you might need to change some settings on your television. I noticed that on my television the scaling switched to "Wide PC" when the Apple TV was plugged in via HDMI - DVI cable (nothing to do with this HDMI switch). This forced the resolution on the Apple TV to something strange. When I changed the scaling back to "Wide TV" everything looked fine.