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Home Theater Projector ScreenLarge-screen television sets are great if you have a big room that can handle the casing of the set. Unfortunately in many cases, these larger televisions simply overpower the rest of the room, or worse, make it impossible to do anything in a room except watch TV. Instead, when creating a home-theater consider a large projector screen. Made to work with all video formats, a wall mounted video projection screen is the perfect solution. These video projector screens give you the big picture without overpowering the room!

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Video Projection ScreenIn addition to leaving space for other activities, like a family game night or fun, retro console games, a video projection screen has great picture quality. You'll feel like you are a part of the movie or sporting event that you are watching. With home movies, you'll feel like you are right there at little Joey's ballgame or the birth of your child. Don't skimp on your home theater projector screen!

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At home, the projector screen size is absolutely important. Even though these units can be wall-mounted or used in portable form, you don't want the picture to overpower your eyes. If the screens are too large, your eyes won't know where to look to watch the video and you will wind up not using the equipment. So before you buy measure the space that you have on the wall and determine what size home theater projector screen will fit best!

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For small rooms, a large projector screen of 120 inches may be too much. Instead of these big types, consider smaller fixed projectors. Ranging in size from 95 inches to 136 inches, these smaller sized screens could be exactly what you need to create that home theater. Whatever projector screen size you need, we can supply it. Simply contact us for information!