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From classroom to home theater, a motorized projector screen is a great investment. However, you need to determine what type of screen would be the best fit for each individual room. In the classroom, an electric projector screen may be the best option. That is because these screens are easy to manipulate. Many models can be mounted on the wall or left to be portable. In a classroom setting this is especially important because in many cases there is not enough room to leave LCD projector screens out. That space can be better used if the screen is moveable. Our Focupix brand is available in several sizes including:

  • 125", 16:9
  • 135", 4:3
  • 141", 16:9
  • 158", 16:9

Choose from HDVio or LCD types for the best picture quality. Whether you are making a presentation to a group of children or simply want to enjoy a favorite movie, economical projector screens are the best option!

Learn about LCD projector screens

If you are considering liquid crystal display projectors, you've come to the right place for information. We believe LCD projector screens are a great choice for home and business uses because of the picture quality. Most of these projectors contain three panels, with each picking up a different color component. This helps make that crisp, clear picture that you want to watch. The lens then projects the image onto any flat surface, but of course an electric projector screen is the best option for picture quality. has a great selection of screens from some of your favorite manufacturers. We also carry our own line of screen, which you can learn more about on the next page.